A collection of cable reels in various states of repair and preparation


Making good use of the things that we find

I have always enjoyed being creative and making things from bits and pieces that I find, from making medal racks out of old pallets to turning cable reels into garden furniture. I’m not really one for following instructions when it comes to designs but I think my friends would say I’m pretty good at problem solving. One of the favourite stories is when one of my children dropped their favourite Lego character down the drain by our house. Rather than say, oh well that’s gone, I nipped indoors and 5 minutes later I had a golf club with a measuring spoon taped to the end to help me fish it out! I’m happiest when I have an idea and then turn it into my new project!

We throw away so many things these days that could be re-purposed into something else if we just had the time. I started collecting industrial waste items like used pallets and cable reels and realised how popular they were when turned into play tables, stools, bookcases or even coat racks. I apply a bit of love, care and inspiration and I try to create beautiful rustic-style items that are suitable for any home.


I hope you find something here that you like. I can make all items to order, so please get in touch on cableandmable@outlook.com.

I can’t promise that they’ll help your children settle as peacefully as this though …

Cute little fella (Minion #3) lying on two of my original toadstools